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Capannone-Cosappo Capannone-Interno Ibarmia Comec

The COSAPPO S.r.l. produces since years different types of hydraulic cylinders for different kinds of applications like simple acting, double acting, plunger and telescopic cylinders in more steps, cushioned in one side or both sides, with double rod and also in stainless steel „ INOX “.

The collected esperience of many years, to work narrow together with other technical offices, the continues contacts and with own intensive investigations, permits her to dedicate the production of special cylinders by own planing, on customer’s samples or plans.

Whith that she has built relationships with many different companies in national and international areas, foe example like producer of special machines (CERASI & DELLA ROSA from Terni), drill machines (C.M.V. from Venafro and REMOSA from Cagliari), diggers (HYDROMAC), autogrues (I.A.S. G & C from Siracusa), cranes (MECCANIDRAULICA from Torino), railway loaders (MER MEC SpA from Bari), industrial vehicles (CALABRESE from Bari – BUCHER SCHÖRLING ITALIA from Chieti), accessories for industrial vehicles (OFFICINE MECCANICHE EME from Modena and ITALTRACTOR ITM from Potenza), presses (SICMI from Parma) and a lot’s more. Produces also for the FIAT OM lift maschines, fork lift trucks, for LUCCHINI steel industries and for the ANSALDO Group. In the international areas with customers from iceland, germany, switzerland, austria, uruguay and norway (for example MENZI MUCK AG and GKN UNICARDAN NORGE A.S).

The wide range of the cylinders, begins with the Bores Ø from 20 mm till 600 mm, with strokes till 7000 mm and with working pressures till 700 bar. Regarding the production of the cylinders, she uses rods with chromethicknesses from 25/1000 to 1/10, in steel C45, 39NiCrMo3, Nikrom 350 or tempered on the surface; Honed tubes in steel St 52 ISO H8; in any case using only first quality materials, on request together with the relatives certificates.

The COSAPPO S.r.l., plans and realizes rotating hydraulic couplings and distributors for loaders, with a rotations of 90°, 180°, 270° or in continues.
Precision machining and services for companies in „Subcontracting”.